Product Features

Prepaymint :: Educational Institution solution offers ideal solution for managing end to end requirements of educational institutions. Right from ID card to payments can be managed in single solution. Our parents APP can help them to monitor their children remotely and allow them not to carry cash to school but enable them to make all payments using their ID Card. Cash can be loaded into student's ID Card by parents using Online Portal and Mobile APP.

Be it any activity that involves the student or teacher, it can be completely digitized using our state of the art All-in-One embedded device and managed and monitored professionally. All monitory transactions are also notified to parents through APP and SMS for safety.



ID Card Issuance

Fees Payment


Library Access

Canteen Payments

Bus Service


Admit or Promote Students in Class

Issue RFiD based ID card that can act as ID Card as well as Payment Solution

Collect Fees and Send Receipts to parents through mobile APP and email

Manage Student, Teachers & Staff attendance using ID Card and Finger Print

Issue Books and Receive returned books using ID Card

Make purchases in canteen, book meals during special class & customize your menu

Track Bus usage, Track Bus Location & Ensure the students are dropped at right location

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