Product Features

Prepaymint :: Clinic and Consultancy solution offers complete business solution for the small private clinics and consultation service providers. Helps you to professionally manage the clinic at par to corporate hospitals. Most patients eventually forget to keep their appointment, our system can automatically send reminders through SMS notification and help them live healthy life.

Our system aids in building a personal relationship and care towards your patients and their healthy life style through reminder services, occasional greetings, personalized health tips through SMS and much more. All this operations are managed using All-in-One embedded device and cloud servers, no need for costly computers or software licenses.


Patient Registration

Appointment Management

Billing & Accounts

Reminder Service

Tracking & Promotion


Register & Provide RFiD Tag for Tracking & Management

Fix or Alter or Cancel Appointments

Provide Bills for the Charges to be paid & Automatically keep account

Send reminder messages, greetings and personalized health tips

Track their visits and improve your business opportunity

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